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University of Toronto Mississauga

University of Toronto Mississauga is the second largest branch of the University of Toronto, which is the largest university in Canada, and was founded in 1967. Spreading 225 acres, the university is located at 3359 Mississauga Road N. Mississauga, Ontario L5L 1C6.

This beautiful university provides 70 areas of study, branching into 125 programs. There are roughly 42,000 alumni, 770 employees, 500 graduate students, and 12,500 undergraduate students. Tours of the campus are offered Monday – Friday and require about an hour of time. Self guided tour pamphlets are also available for weekend visits to the campus. The Blackwood Gallery is located on campus and has hosted contemporary art from local to international professional artists since 1969. Exhibits change throughout the year. The university is also host to two theaters. The Erindale Studio Theater box office can be contacted at (909) 569-4369, and offers student produces plays. The MiST Theater box office is (909) 569-4455. Productions change throughout the year, but the theater has hosted plays, lectures, and dance performances.

Whether you are looking for a great University to enroll, or just want to spend the day taking in some amazing art or performances, the University of Toronto Mississauga has a variety of things to offer.

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