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Stage West Theater Restaurant

The Stage West Theater Restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario is exactly what it sounds like. This restaurant is not only a fine dining establishment, but it is also home to numerous musical performances including Fiddler on the Roof, Love Train, and Avenue Q just to name a few.

The restaurant is part of what was formerly known as the Stage West Hotel, but is now the Ramada Plaza. This venue can be used for special events and banquets like weddings or private parties. If you visit the website you can find all sorts of information on the musicals that play in the Stage West Theater Restaurant. They have a listing of their box office hours as well as the special events that are coming up. There is usually always something entertaining and exciting going on. Recently they hosted a Tribute to Elton & Abba plus a Halloween Costume Contest in October. Many cover and tribute bands or performers have shows here that are as engaging as the original artists. Pricing can also be found on the website for certain shows. They also offer a season subscription which provides great discounts on ticket prices.

This is one amazing place to visit if you enjoy great food and live performance.

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