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Square One Shopping Centre

The Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, Ontario is considered by many to be one of Ontario’s premier shopping destinations. With over 350 stores to choose from, every shopper is certain to find whatever they are searching.

Located near the intersection of Hurontario Road and Rathburn Road, the mall is easily accessible from all areas of the city. Stores such as Whole Food Markets, Bath and Body Works, Banana Republic and Crate and Barrell ensure a well-rounded shopping experience. Several restaurants call the Shopping Centre home; including Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, and Asian Gourmet. The Square One Shopping Centre receives outstanding reviews from shoppers on a regular basis. Many appreciate the presence of higher end stores, while some point to the convenience of one stop shopping. The Shopping Centre offers a downloadable app to assist those with smart phones.

For those needing to load up on groceries, find a new outfit, or purchase a gift; the Square One Shopping Centre offers the ideal location to accomplish all these tasks without having to drive across town.

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