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One of the most exciting places for a child to visit in Mississauga, Ontario has to be the Playdium. With about 40,000 square feet over 11 acres, the Playdium is packed with the most entertaining games and activities imaginable.

Within the walls are an assortment of arcade style games and redemption games that will keep children entertained for hours. But outside there is even more fun. Here you will find go-karts, mini-golf, a batting cage, a water war park and bumper cars. Playdium also includes theater style concessions as well as a bar and lounge called the Mezzanine. This amazing complex is also available for special events like birthdays, corporate events and even just travel. For all the indoor attractions, player cards can be purchased and points can be added to them in order to play games. Outdoor attractions are priced individually for each use.

Playdium is perfect for all ages and just about any purpose. Friends can get together here to have a blast or teammates can come enjoy a celebration or team building experience. The playdium is a unique and exhilarating experience that everyone should try sometime in their life.

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