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Kariya Park

Escape the bustle of metropolitan Mississauga and step into the majestic land of Kariya Park located in the city center of Mississauga. This dazzling little park provides a welcome respite from hectic city life and is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy Mississauga.

Kariya Park was inspired by Mississauga's sister city, Kariya Japan. In honor of Japanese culture, this landscaped park is inspired by Japanese gardens to bring a touch of peace, harmony and balance to your Mississauga city experience. Kariya Park features a stunning display of lavender irises, sister city Kariya's flower. Kariya Park features a lovely nature trail, Japanese garden sculptures, a little duck pond and numerous places to relax and enjoy Mississauga city. Kariya Park also features an impressive friendship bell donated to Kariya Park by its sister city in Japan. The beautiful bronze bell is a shining symbol of the multicultural heritage of Mississauga.

Kariya Park is a wonderful destination in the heart of a thriving city. Stop at Kariya Park and admire a little slice of natural scenery inside of Mississauga's skyline. Kariya Park is a perfect place to read a book, relax and enjoy the marvels of this dynamic city.

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