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Jack Darling Memorial Park

Looking for a fun way to enjoy the weather in Mississauga Ontario? Then be sure to visit the Jack Darling Memorial Park, which offers many options so the entire family can have a great time.

If you are visiting during the warm summer months you will appreciate the gorgeous water front and fun splash pad for the kids. There are numerous biking and walking trails throughout the park. In addition, there are two tennis courts and large open areas to run around and play in. Your four-legged companions will be sure to enjoy the day out with the family as well at one of the largest dog parks Ontario has to offer. Finally two spacious picnic areas offer enough room for about 150 people, and conveniently provide running water and on site barbeques. Parking and admission are free.

Jack Darling is a beautiful and spacious park where roughly 1000 people can be accommodated in a given day. The City of Mississauga artfully maintains this picnic park with waterfront. Jack Darling Memorial Park is a must see to take in the beauty of the great Ontario outdoors.

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