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The Mississauga, Ontario International Centre has held some of the nation’s largest and most popular events. A new Conference Centre and advanced kitchen add to the elegant atmosphere and culinary experience.

Their website has an events calendar showing all upcoming events as well as what category it calls into. For example the Fall Crocs & More Event being held October 15th through November 4th is a Warehouse Sale. The International Centre also hosts events in categories like Consumer Shows and Trade Shows as well.

While planning to visit the International Centre, it is helpful to check the website for information on other things as well. They have a link to a map if it is your first time visiting or you simply don’t quite remember how to get there. The website also lists hotels, restaurants and recreational activities that are in the area for when you have a little leisure time.

The Centre also keeps news and updates on social media sites like facebook and twitter which are helpful for browsing new or interesting events. This site is worth visiting because they have events for just about every person.

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