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BraeBen Golf Course

The BraeBen Golf Course is located in scenic Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. One of many diversions in Canada’s most populated province, the courses at BraeBen are a dream for golfers of all ages.

The course and its well-manicured facilities offer amenities and a challenging experience sure to enhance your visit. BraeBen Golf Course’s main attraction is its par 72, 18-hole golf course. The course plays 6,400 yards and highlights beautiful scenery over the 18 holes designed to resemble the Scottish Highlands. The course’s name, which means “mountain” in Gaelic, ensures even the most experienced golfers will be challenged here.

In the winter, a high-tech simulator ensures players will be able to keep their game sharp. For learning golfers, a 9-hole Academy course and private lessons are available. A pro shop and the services of a PGA of Canada professional are available as well. In addition to golf, the course also offers facilities for weddings, special events, and banquets.

If you enjoy golf and are in beautiful Mississauga, the BraeBen Golf Course offers the facilities, staff, and challenge you need to make BraeBen a worthy part of a great visit to Mississauga.

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