Travel Attractions

Mexico City

Area: 5,000 sq km
Population: 22,000,000

Mexico City is the world's third-largest metropolis (following Tokyo and NYC). Caught in a whilrwind between it's good and bad, Mexico City is bustling with music and noise, brown air and green parks, colonial palaces and skyscrapers, world-renowned museums and ever-spreading slums. Amidst the glamour and excitement, it's easy to get lost in the poverty and suffocating smells. This complex city never provides a dull moment.

When To Go

Mexico City's climate is temperate year round, though it can get slightly chilly at night from November to February. During this period, because of thermal inversion, air pollution is often at its heaviest. April is a pleasant month, breeding jacaranda blossoms all along the streets. Though the city will sweep you up at any time of the year, the holiday periods of Semana Santa and Christmas to New Year are particularly jovial, busy times to visit. Many Mexicans do their holidaying in July or August.

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