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Merced River Rafting

Protected by the federal government as a National Wild and Scenic River, the Merced has its headwaters in the heart of Yosemite. With such magical beginnings, it's no wonder the Merced is such a beauty.

The Merced is the closest a river can come to being an amusement park ride. Huge rolling waves and quick currents characterize its rapids. There are very few rocks to avoid, just large hydraulics. You'll find your time on the Merced is spent laughing as you cruise over waves that are almost cartoon-like in their height.

The river's broad, sweeping canyon is home to oak and pine trees and majestic grassy hills. In the spring, golden poppies, purple lupine and fragrant wild irises explode in color on the green hillsides.

Near the river, a roadway follows the canyon line. At times during your trip, you'll hear the cheers of onlookers who have stopped to watch our raft navigate the clear blue waters.

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