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Maui Whale Watching

Whales can be witnessed from all of the islands in Hawaii, but the real whale congregating spot is Maui, where as much as 50% of the world’s humpback whales migrate each winter. They come to Maui to get away from Alaska’s cool winters, to meet other whales, and to bear offspring.

"No Ka Oi!" -roughly translated, "The Best!" That's what the locals maintain about the island of Maui, second largest in the Hawaiian chain. If the urban sprawl of Honolulu (didn't you go on vacation to get away from traffic?) is not to your liking, Maui may be just the place for you.

It is a paradise of gorgeous beaches and sprawling sugarcane fields. Dominating the island is the enormous volcano Haleakala ('House of the Sun'), one of the best places in the world for sky-gazing.

The accommodations on Maui range from posh resort hotels to condos and bed & breakfasts. There is opportunity for hiking (Haleakala and the West Maui Mountains), golfing, and every watersport imaginable. The islands of Lanai and Molokai are easily accessible.

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