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Maine Whale Watching

Maine's motto, The Way Life Should Be sums up the character of this vast and ruggedly diverse New England state. From the moment you leave the highway, you become overwhelmed with a sense of balance between industry, progress, and natural beauty - inspired by the locals, and appreciated by the tourists.

From its awe inspiring Seacoast, to the solitude of the Great North Woods, Maine is a playground for the adventureous, and solitude for the stressed. It offers numerous opportunities for the avid outdoorsman: whitewater rafting, wilderness camping, great mountain ranges, hiking and the infamous Appalachian Trail, the ocean, and incredible hunting and fishing.

When To Go

Visit between April and May for Humpback, Minke, Northern Right and Fin Whales and small cetaceans; between June and October all but Northern Right Whales are common, and these are seen between August - October off northeast Maine. The weather is warm to hot but can be cool at sea, and rain is most likely in April/early May.

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