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War Memorial Stadium

War Memorial Stadium
1 Stadium Dr
Little Rock, AR 72205
(501) 663-0775

For over 60 years, War Memorial Stadium has hosted Arkansas Razorbacks football games.

Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, the stadium's Razorbacks' game days start early in the morning with the arrival of the tailgaters, and end well after the game ends. The day begins with the arrival of the tailgaters before dawn, and ends when the last Razorback fan leaves. Both fans and commercial vendors are allowed to tailgate, but spots sell quickly. Tailgating spots sell from $20 to over $650. Game tickets are sold through the University in Fayetteville, as well as online. Prices range from student prices to hundreds of dollars, and they also sell quickly. One of the many traditions fans enjoy is lining up to welcome the football team just outside the stadium.

Due to the popularity of Razorback games, traffic to and from the area can be slow. Game attendees should plan to arrive at least two hours before the game. They should also expect to spend at least $20 to park close to the stadium, with parking offered by surrounding businesses and private residents at various rates.

With over 54,000 seats available, attendees of any Razorbacks game at War Memorial Stadium should expect every one to be filled.

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