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Market Place Shopping Center

Market Place Shopping Center
11121 N Rodney Parham Road,
Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock is the capital and major city in Arkansas, one of the most beautiful states in U.S. Arkansas and offers some of the largest and most remarkable shopping centers in the South. Market Place Shopping Center is one such wide-ranging shopping center which should satisfy all your shopping requirements from latest brands to local products.

Market Place Shopping Center is the best place to hang out with your friends and family. It has several classy restaurants which offer a large variety of food, to mention a few, Phil’s ham and burger place found in the Market Place Shopping Center offers a supreme quality of hams and turkeys to the customers. Igibon Japanese Food House offers mouth watery Japanese food recipes which deserves appreciation. Franke’s Cafeterias is one of the oldest restaurants in Arkansas and serves a range of cold dishes, baked meats, assorted vegetables and delightful deserts. Diane’ gourmet food shop offers a superior and yummier selection of foods than can be found elsewhere in Little Rock.

Market Place Shopping Center is located at 11121 N Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, Arkansas. For all the music lovers, Carolyn’s Keyboard Corner has an enormous collection of band and orchestra instruments and accessories. Pickles & Ice Cream located in Market Place Shopping Center is one stop shop for baby and kids. They provide a wide range of clothing, furniture & cribs, chairs, strollers & car seats, bedding , gifts, accessories etc.

Shopping is a pleasure and for all the shopaholics, Market Place Shopping Center is one place which feeds the insatiable craving for shopping!

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