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Jack Stephens Center

Jack Stephens Center
2801 South University
Little Rock, AR 72204

Jack Stephens Center is a 5600 seats multipurpose arena in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. It was built by architects Witsell, Evans and Rasco in 2005 by University of Arkansas for $20 million. It was named in honor of millionaire philanthropist Jackson T. Stephens.

The University of Arkansas Little Rock (UALR) volleyball team, men’s and women’s basketball teams are housed in this Jack Stephens Centre. It also features a full-court practice gym, 23 computer terminal academic centers, a spectacular Weight room, aathletes’ training room, locker rooms and a NIKE Team Store. The arena features elegant leather chairs with luxury suites and 70% of the seats are between end lines. Each end of the court is equipped with a 90 foot display scoreboard, a video board and a statistics panel. Athletics locker rooms are equipped with a longue area and a video room. The video room is spacious with theatre seating and has a 62 inch TV with an option to use as a dry erase board to assist the coaches for the preparation of the game and training the athletes. The longue area has a TV and seating.

So, with all these features, Jack Stephens Center is the country’s best basketball venue and an ideal place for small meetings and conferences with around 200 people in groups.

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