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Dickey-Stephens Park

Dickey-Stephens Park
400 West Broadway Street
North Little Rock, AR 72114
(501) 664-1555

At the north end of Broadway Bridge on the Arkansas River in North Little Rock is Dickey-Stephens Park, home of the Arkansas Travelers baseball team of the Texas League, "AA" affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, since 2001.

The park - named after catcher and Hall-of-Famer Bill Dickey and his brother Skeeter (also a catcher) and businessmen brothers Jackson T. and Witt Stephens - replaced Ray Winder Field in 2007 and can seat over 7,000 spectators: 5,800 fans in fixed seating, plus 24 luxury boxes, three private dining areas, and grass-covered slopes that ring the park. The first game at Dickey-Stphens Park hosted 7,943 fans. It features an 18' x 32' videoboard - one of the largest of any minor league park - and within Dickey-Stephens is Ump's Pub And Grill, a top-notch fan-rated eatery open during game days and the Travs Baseball Museum, opened at the beginning of the 2008 season, showcasing the history of the Travelers ball team, to which admission is free. Several hotels and beds and breakfasts - some close to the riverfront - are located nearby, each providing a convenient and luxurious stay for Travelers fans from elsewhere in the state and afar.

Dickey-Stephens Park was named "Best New Ballpark" in 2007 by and

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