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Crater of Diamonds State Park

Crater of Diamonds State Park
Thompson Township, Arkansas
(870) 285-3113

In 1906, a farmer found diamonds on his farm near Murfreesboro, Arkansas. When industrial diamond mining failed in the area, a ‘diamond rush’ was started by freelance prospectors, all who were on the hunt for a prize. Nowadays, the area is still a tourist destination, and has been converted into the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

The park is notable in that visitors can hunt for diamonds in a 37.5 acre field. 2 diamonds are found per day, on average, as well as other types of semi-precious stones and minerals like jasper, garnets, agate and calcite. Visitors are allowed to keep any stone that they find, regardless of worth. There are other attractions inside the state park too: a visitor center, gift shop, picnic areas, aquatic playground and camp grounds. There are areas for wildlife observation, hiking trails, and fishing spots along the Little Missouri River.

Crater of Diamonds State Park Visitor Center is open year round, with longer hours during the summer. Other facilities keep different hours, and it’s advisable to check the park website at or any special notices and more information before a visit.

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