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The Big Dam Bridge

The Big Dam Bridge
7085 Rebsamen Park Road
Little Rock, AR 72207
(501) 340-6800

The Big Dam Bridge connects Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas across the Arkansas River. Many locals suspect that the bridge got its name because it is located atop a dam, but others wonder if there isn't another reason.

The bridge connects a number of trail systems that extend from Little Rock to Conway to the West. Centrally located between two thriving downtown areas, the Big Dam Bridge is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, hosting walking, running and biking events throughout the year. In the Little Rock-North Little Rock area, the Big Dam Bridge connects over a dozen miles of scenic trails. Some visitors to the bridge choose to simply admire the view.

The bridge connects health-related events on both sides of the river, and some events have seen over 10,000 participants. With many other attractions located close to the bridge on both sides like restaurants, museums, music venues and bars, the Big Dam bridge is busy from early morning to late evening. Local media reports suggest that most visitors to the Big Dam Bridge simply enjoy the other visitors. It is well-traveled, day and evening, with people participating in a number of different activities.

Whether visitors choose to exercise, or simply spend the day traveling the trails with their families, there will be plenty of other bridge travelers to keep them company.

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