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Ballet Arkansas

Ballet Arkansas
1521 Merrill Drive
Little Rock, AR 72211

Ballet Arkansas is located in the city of Little Rock in central Arkansas. The ballet, which was founded as a non-profit organization in 1978, is known for its ballet performances as well as a wide range of ballet teaching programs.

The ballet features highly trained ballet artists with varied backgrounds from across the United States. It not only provides world-class ballet performances round the year but also inspires and trains young performers. The ballet also regularly tours the state with its concert productions and educational programs.

The ballet usually has a season of three concerts in a year in fall, winter, and spring. The ballet organizes summer training programs with classes that include ballet, pointe, improv, classical repertoire, body conditioning, jazz, and pilates etc. for students with ages from 11-22 years. It also organizes one-week comprehensive dance training camps for 5-10-year-old kids in the summer. In addition to these, it also organizes teacher training programs that provide guidelines and frameworks for skills assessments and concert preparation.

Ballet Arkansas concerts and training programs are an exciting attraction for all dance aficionados visiting or residing in central Arkansas.

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