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The Arkansas Art Center is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The institute provides free admission and free parking, providing people of all ages with access to an array of artwork by renowned artists.

The center is open on all days from late morning to early evening, with hours that vary by day of the week. Memberships, special exhibits, children’s programs, and other experiences are available as well, with opportunities changing by the season. The center primarily features two types of art: Paper-based (paintings, sketches, etc.) and crafted objects (e.g., pottery and metalwork). The center’s paper-based art focuses largely on post-renaissance American and European artwork paintings and sketches. The crafted objects exhibited focus on modern art, including sculptures, glass-work, and more.

The center features content from Georgia O'Keeffe, Van Gough, Henry Moore, and others; the collections are vast, often tens or hundreds of pieces from individual artists. For those who enjoy the institute and are looking for more, the Arkansas Art Center offers various additional benefits. Memberships are available for moderate prices; the purchase of a membership allows free admission to special exhibits and members only events, as well as discounts on goods and services such as the children’s theater and purchases in the museum shop.

For both casual viewers and professional artists alike, the center offers works of interest. The center strives to provide excellent service to both tourists and locals of Little Rock, making it a worthy location to visit for any individual or group.

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