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Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum

The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum
120 Riverfront Park Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72114
(501) 371-8320

The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is a maritime museum located in the city of North Little Rock. The museum was established in 2005 and its main attraction is the submarine USS Razorback.

The USS Razorback is a Balao-class submarine commissioned in 1944. It is one of the longest serving submarines in the world with over 53 years of active duty. The submarine served in the Second World War and the Vietnam War. It also served for 31 years in the Turkish Navy before being purchased by the state of Arkansas. Perhaps the most unique experience offered by the museum is an overnight sleepover in the USS Razorback. This includes a guided personal tour of the submarine and the opportunity to get a first-hand taste of a submariner's life by spending a night in the crew's quarters.

The museum also has a research library and a theater and is available for birthday parties, school trips etc. The museum is a must-see not only those who want to have a first-hand experience of a submariner's life but also for those interested in spending some time in a unique setting.

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