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Lincoln City is a Central Coast town that combines the wonders of nature and the fun of city life. Visitors will enjoy amazing beaches, the stunning Pacific Ocean, Devils Lake, Siletz Bay with abundant fishing and crabbing and great hiking trails.

When not experiencing nature visitors can go to Chinook Winds Casino, shop at the outlet mall or the fun local shops, dine at a variety of wonderful restaurants, and experience the many art galleries.

When looking for a place to stay, Lincoln City has many hotel options. Guests can choose a hotel at the North end of town near the casino and the unique Road’s End community, or in the center of town close to the outlet mall and the D’River Wayside or at the South end of town in the Historic Taft District which is home to the iconic Mo’s Restaurant and next to Siletz Bay.

There are three Lincoln City hotels that we recommend. Pelican Shores Inn is at the North end of town on the oceanfront, Shearwater Inn is in the center of the city overlooking the ocean and the D’River Wayside, and the last hotel, Looking Glass Inn, is in the Historic Taft District with views of Siletz Bay and the ocean. Each of these Lincoln City hotels has something special to offer.

Pelican Shores Inn has magnificent oceanfront views; Shearwater Inn offers a more romantic setting with ocean views and a daily wine social, and the Looking Glass Inn is very dog-friendly and overlooks the beautiful bay. Choose one of these Lincoln City hotels and you won’t be disappointed.

Contact these Lincoln City Hotels:

Looking Glass Inn

861 SW 51st Street Lincoln City OR 97367 541-996-3996

Shearwater Inn

120 NW Inlet Court Lincoln City OR 97367 +1 541-994-4121

Pelican Shores Inn

2645 NW Inlet Ave Lincoln City OR 97367 +1 541-994-2134

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