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Klamath River Rafting

Wild rapids in Hell's Corner Gorge testify to the Indian name "Klamet," or "swiftness." With a very unique rainbow trout subspecies, scores of bald eagles, many different species of endangered animals, breathtaking scenery, wild horses, and cultural and historic sites at every turn, the Klamath provides an outstanding river experience.

This southern Oregon river flows through a remote pine and oak forested canyon as it transects the Cascade Range on its way to the Pacific Ocean.

The Klamath River is one of only a few rivers that bisect the Cascade Mountain Range, flowing from the high-desert interior through coastal rain forest to the Pacific Ocean. This creates a wide diversity of habitats supporting an abundance of wildlife.

Due to an abundance of food and a mild climate, the Klamath River Basin was and is an important location for at least three Native American Tribes. The river was also an attractive location for early European settlement, providing a travel corridor through the mountains. All of these factors combined to create at least seven resources considered to be important to the nation.

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