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Up The Creek Xpeditions

111 Osborne Street St.Marys, Ga 31558
Phone: (912) 882-0911

The employees will kindly rent you a kayak for $40-$60 per day, an incredibly low cost for such a unique experience! In addition, there are also scheduled group tours to observe the scenery and wildlife in the area. Guided tours include trips through iconic areas such as Sunset Marsh Paddle, Roses Bluff, Lofton creek, Dark Entry's creek and Egan's creek, while full day tours will take you through places such as Cumberland Island, Okefenokee, Martins Island, and the Upper St. Mary's River.

There are different scheduled trips every day, but you may also call ahead to organize a planned trip for your group. Up The Creek Xpeditions also provides lessons to beginners to the wonderful world of kayaking. Up The Creek Xpeditions is Georgia's most popular kayak rental service. In conclusion, Up The Creek Xpeditions provides a fun family kayak experience that no one can possibly forget!

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