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Trident Lakes Golf

1063 Uss Tennessee Ave Kings Bay, GA 31547-2602
Phone: (912) 573-8475

The Trident lakes golf course is a golf course right next to the ocean in the far southeastern section of the American State of Georgia. The golf course actually has sand on it from Kings Bay, and is considered a part of Kings Bay. The course is in walking distance to the Naval Submarine Base of Kings Bay. The course is a great place for anyone who loves both the ocean and the sport of golf.

The golf course is a full professional golf course with par 72. Although the course sits right next to the ocean it has an exotic green style environment surrounding it. The golf course is within a few miles of Florida and many of the people who visit and pay to play on the course actually come from the state of Georgia.

The golf course is reasonably priced and receives a moderate amount of civilian traffic compared to other golf courses in the city of Kingston Georgia. However, the golf course is probably one of the most popular golf courses in Kingston as it receives a large proportion of its traffic from the nearby Naval Base.

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