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Sanctuary Cove Golf Club

2050 Sanctuary Wynd Waverly, GA 31565
Phone: (912) 466-0080

The golf course was actually designed with the idea of romance in mind. It is known as a couple's golf course. The golf course is usually used by couples trying to date. The course is unusual in that it is 71 one pars and in that it offers giant discounts for those who choose to sign up for free.

The sanctuary golf cove, although located close to Kingston is not actually in Kingston. Rather it is in the town of Waverly which is something of a suburb of Kingston Georgia. The golf course is actually located in the golden islands off the coast of southeastern Georgia. Palm trees have been transplanted on the golf course, and the course is very exotic somewhat resembling an exotic oasis in the northern part of Africa.

The popularity of the golf course is somewhat unknown as it keeps its commercial data relatively private. It is probably quite popular for a golf course in Georgia. The fact that it is located on an exotic looking island will help its tourists numbers.

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