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Naval Submarine Base

1063 USS Tennessee Avenue
Phone: (904) 722-6597

The Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Kings Bay, Georgia is the east coast home of Trident submarines and their sailors. The mission of the base is to provide support to the fleet, fighter, and family alike while on base.

The base won the Commander-In-Chief's Installation Excellence Award – Best Base in the Navy in 2007! Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base is located just off of I-95, very close to the southeast Georgia waterway. The base is designed with all of the comforts and conveniences. The base support services are laid out in such a way that no service is more than a 15 minute walk away from any other service.

On base, there are many varieties of housing options depending on your needs. From single dwellings to family-oriented housing, there is something for everyone. Excellent schools and childcare facilities allow for ample education opportunities close to home. There are many excellent programs available on base for all ages, as well as first-class amenities such as a golf course and bowling alley. The base newspaper – The Periscope – keeps community members informed of activities and events on a weekly basis.

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