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Labor Day Catfish Festival

Downtown Kingsland, GA corner of US Hwy. 17 and GA Hwy 40.
Phone: (912) 729-4382

The Labor Day Catfish Festival is a festival that takes place on Labor Day mainly in various parts of the southern and far eastern United States. The festival is a celebration of the American fishing culture that's faced more than its fair share of challenges in recent years. In addition to being a great cultural event, the festival is also a way for people to enjoy sea products and for companies to sell seafood.

The Catfish Festival in Kingston Georgia has been held continuously each year since 1983. It actually takes place on Kingston Island. Although there are many other festivals in the United States that support fishing on Labor Day this one is the largest and the only one that has the name catfish in it. You'll find arts and crafts, antiques and collectibles exhibits. There are dozens of food vendors, and you will certainly find plenty of Southern Fried Catfish!

The festival is by far the most popular event on Kingston island. It is also one of the most if not the most crowded social gatherers that occur on Labor Day in the entire city of Kingston, Georgia. Thousands of people, mostly those who fish for fun go to the festival each year on Labor Day.

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