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Kingsland Aquatic Center

301 Herb Bauer Drive St. Marys, Georgia 31558
Phone: (912) 673-8118

The Kingsland Aquatic Center is one of the largest aquariums in the entire state of Georgia. The aquarium has something of an unusual design. Not only does the museum offer live fish and other creatures of the seas like all other aquariums, but it also shows has plenty of replicas on display for the species that are not available today. The aquarium even has a seafood restaurant.

The aquarium is both modern and contemporary, and is relatively new. The Aquarium didn't even exist until the late part of the 20th century. A massive amount of glass is concentrated in the aquarium. It is possible for people to see creatures of the seas above them after they walk into the aquarium.

The aquarium gets quite a bit of traffic, especially in the summer. It is one of the most popular attractions in the city of Kingston Georgia. In the fall and winter when people go to school the aquarium creates classes . Although there are different purposes for offering the classes, one of the main reasons the aquarium does this is to attract a different type of visitor than passes through the doors in the summer, tourist months.

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