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Cumberland Island National Seashore - National Park Service

Camden Georgia
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Nature lovers and vacationers looking for relaxation alike will find solace in Cumberland Island. Cumberland Island, located in Southern Georgia near Kingsland. Cumberland Island is a nature preserve filled with natural paths and shoreline for the enjoyment of visitors. It is a state park that is open year round for the enjoyment of tourists and locals alike.

There are many attractions at Cumberland Island. From relaxing to exploring, it is truly a paradise for all nature lovers.

  • Outdoor sporting including fishing, biking, hiking, and hunting are all features of Cumberland Island.
  • Guests can enjoy the water by swimming and boating.
  • Artists are encouraged to bird watch, beach comb, photograph the area, and view the wildlife.

Overall, Cumberland Island is a little piece of paradise in Georgia. It is the largest and southernmost island in Georgia, almost taking on a Caribbean feel with its sandy beaches and fantastic weather. Thousands trek to the island every year to enjoy the experience for a fraction of the cost of other vacations. However, despite the food traffic the area remains wild and natural for all visitors to experience.

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