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Beau's Barnyard

80 Winona Way Kingsland, Georgia 31548
Phone: (912) 729-6418

Beau's Barnyard of Kingsland, Georgia is a must visit for families of all ages! This delightful petting zoo boasts an excellent variety of animals which includes adorable, baby animals like chicks and bunnies as well as their mini horse Bandita and Beau's mascot the delightful donkey, Beau! Skeeter and Rosie are their full sized adult horses that are as friendly and as beautiful as any horse could possibly be.

Their entrance fee is incredibly low and is perfect for those looking to save money while giving their children an exciting day trip. Patrons can book a party in advance to have a specialized, personal event though the Barnyard is open year round to the public! Private parties afford the opportunity to enjoy a delightful hay ride and time to play in their bounce house. Food is also available for those in need of a snack after quality playtime. Hot dogs and home made ice cream are a delicious treat to end a delightful day at Beau's.

Enjoy a delightful day with the kids or chaperone a school trip knowing everyone will have a splendid time.

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