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Bancroft Sail Memorial Exhibit

1063 USS Tennessee Avenue Kings Bay, Georgia 31547
Phone: (912) 882-2782

The Bancroft Sail Memorial Exhibit is designed to bring the history of the sea to life. If doesn't matter who someone is or what group they belong too, all humans have sailing and or the sea as a major part of their history. Sailing is especially an important part of the history for most people in the Americas. That is how All of the western Hemisphere including the United States was settled.

The building of The Bancroft Sail Memorial Exhibit is constructed in a green field . The memorial is not directly next to the ocean however it is built to look like a submarine that is colored gray. The memorial is not only famous for the history that it provides, it is also famous for the great food that it sells.

Popularity The memorial is somewhat off the main traffic arteries. It brings to life an important and interested part of history and it is one of the most successful sea related memorials in the entire state of Georgia.

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