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Aqua Culture & Farming Tours

107 South Lee Street Kingsland, GA 31548
Phone: (912) 729-5999

The Aqua Culture & Farming Tours is a company in Kingston, Georgia that both caters to tourists and helps the economy. The company is actually involving in the production of valuable ocean products such as seafood and pearls. The Aqua Culture and Farming Tours company is even involved in the pursuit of helping improve scientific research, and offers charter fishing opportunities. In a particular way this company is a "jack of all trades" type of corporation.

The Aqua Culture & Farming Tours was founded in late 19th century Georgia by a group of individuals who recognized the potential offered by the diversity of environment and marine life that is found on the shores and in the oceans of off the state of Georgia. Since then the company has had the most success in its fishing industry, which has helped feed thousands of people and created hundreds of jobs.

Visitors taking the tour will learn about how the production cycle takes the fish from the egg stage and develops them into the type of food that you'll find on your dinner plate. While the tour is interesting and fun, hundreds of people take advantage of the opportunities to go on a fishing charter as well! Chartered fishing excursions are available for those looking for a little more adventure.

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