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The city of Kingsland Georgia is a small city located in the south eastern part of the state of Georgia. The total population of the city is only around 10,000 people and has been at this level for decades . The majority of the population is European American (about 70%) but there is a large proportion of the city’s population is African American (about20-25%). The demographic composition of the city has changed little over the course of nearly 100 years .

Although entirely located in Georgia, the city is only a few miles away from the state of Florida. Since the entire city is located close to the coast, the elevation of the city is consistently below 400 meters, giving the city a very predictable, humid, and temperate climate.

The official city limits do not border the Atlantic Ocean. However the city is only a few miles away from the Ocean, and it contains a metropolitan area with tens of thousands of people, that borders the sea.

The city is most famous for the large naval base a few miles east of the city which actually belongs to the cities greater metropolitan area. The base is known as the naval submarine base at Kings Bay. At any given time the military base has a population similar to the entire incorporated city of Kingsland Georgia. The military base is one of the strongest attractions in the cities metropolitan area. The naval base attracts thousands of tourists a year in addition to a steady population of more than 10,000 service men and women. A large proportion of the economy of the city both metropolitan and incorporated is directly from the capital earned by having this large military base as a part of the metropolitan area in the city. The naval base is the largest organization in the entire Kingsland Metropolitan area.

The city of Kingsland receives far more tourism than most other small town Georgia cities. The reasons for this are varied but they largely stem from the fact that Kingsland Georgia is right next to the ocean and the fact that the city is next to the enormous, naval base at Kings Bay as well as the fact that a few miles to the east of the city are islands that have been converted to some of the largest natural parks in coastal Georgia. The city gets tourists from all over the country although the come form Georgia and Northern Florida.

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