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Zuckerman Museum of Art

1000 Chastain Road Northwest Kennesaw, GA
Phone: (770) 499-3223

Zuckerman Museum of Art (formerly The Kennesaw State University Art Museum) is actually a part of a University. The Kennesaw State University hosts the art museum, mostly to help out its sizable population of art students and faculty. Although, it is just a part of a university the art museum can actually be considered a real museum as it has a separate building.

The museum is actually focused on galleries and is located largely outdoors. It is famous for its professional -university style iron and bronze sculptures. The paintings are found mostly inside the gallery building while the sculptures are found mostly outside . Some of the art at the university museum is used to accomplish political activism. For example it shows paintings of Andean textile workers on the inside.

Since it is part of a university and is of free of charge to visit especially for students of the Kennesaw state university, it is impossible to tell how many people visit the museum every day. however, one thing the outdoor exhibits are frequently visited by the universities students. The art museum is also frequently used as a reference for the art students of the university.

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