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Zoo Atlanta

800 Cherokee Avenue Southeast Atlanta, GA 30315
Phone: (404) 624-9453

Zoo Atlanta has a wonderful variety of animals to experience. Steeped in history and with a variety of animals and plantlife, it is one of the premier zoos in America. From elephants to meerkats, ostriches to vultures, turtles to alligators and many more, there is enough variety to please any nature-lover. The zoo hosts a variety of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Rare pandas have been at the zoo, as well as majestic silverback gorillas. It also hosts exotic plantlife, with a carnivorous garden including venus fly traps, sundews, and pitcher plants.

Established in 1889, the zoo was established after a traveling circus went bankrupt. Businessman George Valentine then bought the animals and donated them to the city, where they were put on display in Grant Park. Since then the community has built the zoo around the needs of those first few animals, and grown it into a major attraction that still runs to this day.

Zoo Atlanta is open to patrons of all ages, with special rates for children, members of the military, senior citizens and college students. Special rates are offered for groups, and tickets are available at the gate from 9:30 Am to 4:30 PM on weekdays, as well as weekends from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. The zoo stays open one hour after the ticket booths close.

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