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Turner Field - Atlanta Braves

755 Hank Aaron Drive Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30315
Phone: (404) 522-7630

Turner Field opened its gates for a flood of Atlanta Braves baseball fans on April 4th, 1997 and since it's debut has been one of the cities major landmarks to see.

The stadium prides itself on being an entertainment haven and technological endeavor with an enormous BravesVision board and 500 other screens sporadically placed and highlighted around the grounds. Although the "Home of the Braves" is filled with new age technologies, everything has been done to keep that old time baseball spirit with the team and the field, keeping the nostalgia and representing a town that has a history or baseball that goes all the way back to 1871 when South End Grounds first opened and the team became a public icon.

Turner Field is something for the entire family to enjoy a day at a baseball game. Come down and see one of America’s oldest baseball team's play on their improved Turner Field that has put this city on the map once again, because while baseball may keep the morale of the city at an all time high, it’s the fans and the field that keep the game alive.

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