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Smith-Gilbert Gardens

2382 Pine Mountain Rd Kennesaw, GA 30152
Phone: (770) 919-0248

Explore the Fascinating Beauty of Smith-Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw GA. Smith-Gilbert Gardens is an established botanical garden located in Kennesaw. Among the various gardens in America, it ranks a top position as it has wide collection of unusual plants. Moreover, it offers a right combination of art, sculpture, history and flora.

Besides enjoying the beauty of nature, visitors are allowed to conduct family functions and special events in the background of the amazing beauty of the garden. The natural beauty spread over 16 acres, having 3000 species of plants which includes a wide collection of Bonsai, Rose garden, Conifer garden, Camellia garden, Vegetable garden etc. In addition to these, there is Hiram Butler House which is the center piece of attraction in the garden. The house is a real blend of Greek and Italian styles which can lure the minds of nature lovers. In addition, the garden inspires the tourists with some educational programs which are offered for people of all ages. This program includes beekeeping, bonsai gardening, rock wall building etc. The visitors are allowed to explore the charms of nature from Tuesday to Sunday. The gardens are closed on every holidays and Mondays. Admission is completely free for children under the age of 5.

In short, it is an ideal environment for tourists who like to wander and admire the serenity of nature. It is really a heart warming experience to explore the secret charms of nature.

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