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Pinetree Country Club

3400 McCollum Parkway Northwest Kennesaw GA
Phone: (770) 422-5902

Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw, Georgia is a timeless, delightful country club for all in Georgia to enjoy. This is a private country club which spans over 27,000 square feet of lush greenery. They offer an exclusive business/corporate membership which comes highly recommenced by several patrons.

Pinetree Country Club offers wonderful amenities like their stunning golf course, tennis courts, olympic swimming pools, and a delicious, fine dining restaurant that serves excellent gourmet meals. The golf course located in Pinetree Country Club has is 18 holes and has been the home for prestigious events like the Georgia State Amateur Championship. They have been home to this championship for three years and has been slated to host for several more years to come! With a motto that states "Enjoy a sense of belonging," it's easy to become lost in the high end, wonderful qualities of Pinetree.

The course has a 73.5 rating and boasts a slope of 135 across majestic hills and a wide expanse of lush, green grass. The course was originally designed by Chic Adams but has recently been overhauled in a two year long project and now boasts golf star Bill Bergin as their second designer.

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Kennesaw CS

3366 Busbee Drive NW · Kennesaw · Georgia · 30144 · 678-275-2090

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