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Big Shanty Festival

Downtown Kennesaw 2829 Cherokee St Kennesaw, GA 30144

The Big Shanty Festival is a local attraction held in Kennesaw, Georgia every year. The lively festival is held in downtown Kennesaw with free admission and is a whole weekend of fun every April. The festival features a collection of booths filled with food vendors, arts and crafts, games and fun, live entertainment and music to keep everyone entertained as well as a kickoff parade at the beginning of the festival.

The annual festival has been a local attraction for Kennesaw, Georgia for the last 37 years and looks to be a one for years into the future. Big Shanty is a time honored tradition that revels in the wonderful southern heritage that the city of Kennesaw holds and mix that heritage with the true southern hospitality and fun. The festival is a large attraction for Georgia and draw over 70,000 visitors every year who come to be entertained and peruse through the selection of vendors and merchants who sell their charming wares at the festival.

Don't miss the fun to be had at the next Big Shanty Festival!

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3366 Busbee Drive NW · Kennesaw · Georgia · 30144 · 678-275-2090

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