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Bi-Plane Adventures, Inc.

1723 Mcollum Parkway, Kennesaw, GA
Phone: (770) 364-8746

Offering the unique experience of an open-cockpit flight, Bi-Plane Adventures, Inc. has been offering flight packages in their fully-restored fleet of vintage bi-planes since 1996.

Located at 1723 McCollum Parkway in Kennesaw, GA, Bi-Plane Adventures, Inc. provides flights for either single passengers or two-passenger plane rides overlooking Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Lake Altoona, Buckhead, the North Georgia Foothills, downtown Atlanta, Lake Arrowhead, Stone Mountain, the North Georgia Mountains.

Flight times range from 15-20 minutes to 60-65 minutes and can be customized to even fly over your house by request! There is also the option of adding aerobatics such as loops and barrel rolls to several of the available flight packages for those seeking more of a thrill than aerial sightseeing. Flights are held weekends weather permitting and through the week by request. You may book your flight experience by calling 770-364-8746. Bi-Plane Adventures prides itself on both its safety record, boasting of never an accident or incident as well as its aircraft, the N3N-3 and the WACO, 1940 and 1941 year biplanes which both served in World War II.

Step back in time and fly a piece of history with the owner and chief pilot Lee Kluger of Bi-Plane Adventures, Inc.

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