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Art Station Big Shanty

2050 Kennesaw Due West Road Northwest Kennesaw, GA
Phone: (770) 514-5930

The House That Turned into an Art Station!

The Art Station Big Shanty is an art business in the town of Kennesaw Georgia that is built in the shape of a log cabin. The art station actually hosts art parties, mostly for birthdays. It also hosts art classes. It is not a college the art classes do not give college credit or high school points but they are a great way to learn about art and are much less expensive than most art classes offered at colleges or universities. It's a fun and enjoyable way to participate in art projects!

The art station was actually originally built as a house - in other words it is a house that was converted to a business. More than that, it was owned by the somewhat wealthy Rooker family. It was originally only a summer home but latter on it turned into a permanent home and finally a art station.

Kennesaw Georgia is only a medium to small sized town within the Atlanta metropolitan area and has about 30,000 residents. Like a lot of cities, the city has nothing (yet) that is world famous. No "largest ball of string", no "giant Paul Bunyan", no "Corn Palace" - you get the idea!

However The Art Station Big Shanty is the most popular art station in the city of Kennesaw Georgia. You'll have a great time.

When in Kennesaw, stay at:

Kennesaw CS

3366 Busbee Drive NW · Kennesaw · Georgia · 30144 · 678-275-2090

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