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Kennebec River Rafting

Kennebec River rafting is famous for its remote wilderness, large roller coaster waves and summer-long flows. The source of the Kennebec River is Moosehead Lake, Maine's largest inland body of water.

The Kennebec cuts its way through a deep gorge in the first four miles of advanced Class IV whitewater. Normal water releases on the Kennebec River are 5,000 cfs from early May to early October.

Some of the more well known and difficult Class IV rapids are Rock Garden, Three Sisters, the Alleyway, and the Class V Magic Falls. Scouting the upper section is virtually impossible because of the sheer walls of the Gorge, and the remoteness of the river.

As you exit the steep gorge the river spreads out creating the pportunity for wildlife viewing. It is not uncommon to see deer, river otters and eagles if you are not too distracted by the whitewater. You may also find runs of Atlantic Salmon and native Sea Lampreys.

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