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Potters Marsh Wildlife Refuge

Escape from the bustle of Anchorage and explore a wildlife refuge and haven at the Potters Marsh Wildlife Refuge. Conveniently located off of a major highway, The Potters Marsh wildlife viewing refuge offers a respite to guests and wildlife.

The Potter Marsh Refuge features a charming boardwalk that winds fifteen hundred feet into the marsh land showcasing a beautiful population of Alaskan birds and wildlife. Visitors to the Potters Marsh Wildlife Refuge are treated to a beautiful display of Canadian geese, harriers, eagles, canvasback ducks, trumpeter swans, muskrats and spawning salmon. Nestled spruce, cottonwoods and conifer forests, the Potters Marsh offers stunning panoramic views of the breathtaking Alaskan scenery. In addition to the avian and marsh wildlife, it's a perfect place for visitors to catch a glimpse of the wandering moose or bear.

Potters Marsh is the perfect destination to relax and admire the Alaskan wildlife and scenery. Easily accessible and a perfect destination for visitors of all ages, Potters Marsh is an avian paradise and a fantastic locale for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. Potters Marsh is an Alaskan treasure and a destination that visitors around the world will treasure for a lifetime.

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