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Ski to Sea Race

Put your athletic skills to the test at the annual exciting Ski to Sea Race in Kelowna, Canada. Groups of athletes ranging from two to seven or soloists challenge themselves to an incredible test of endurance and strength. A one hundred mile event, racers are challenged to conquer the Canadian landscape and race to victory.

The race begins on the daring ski slopes where adventurous skiers soar down the slopes of Mount Baker in a riveting downhill skiing event. Endurance skiers are then put to the test in a grueling cross country skiing event. Down the mountainside runners take to the streets and compete in a breakneck race along the city streets. Feet and skis aren't enough in this dynamic event, these talented athletes must mount bicycle and compete in an open road race and a grueling mountain bike course that puts their skills to the ultimate test. The race turns to the water where athletes take to Okanagan Lake and compete in an eight kilometer canoe and kayak event. From the mountaintop to the beach, this enthralling even celebrates the endurance and incredible power of the human spirit and the beautiful Okanagan countryside.

Visitors are welcome to compete, volunteer or simply stop by to cheer on these incredible athletes. Featuring a wide variety of sports, this incredible Ski to Sea event is a memorable and exciting destination for visitors of all ages.

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