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Quails' Gate Winery

Located in the scenic Okanagan Valley region of British Columbia, Quails' Gate Winery is world class producer of fine regional wines and elegant cuisine.

Family owned and operated since Richard Stewart purchased the Quails’ Gate Estate in 1956, the winery takes full advantage of the diverse soil conditions found in the Okanagan Valley, producing complex, fruit forward wines that appeal to a wide variety of tastes. At the center of the winery is the Wine Shop and Tasting Bar, where the knowledgeable and friendly staff answer questions, suggest gift ideas and offer winery tours.

In the West Kelowna section of the vineyards, perched on the slopes of the Boucherie Mountain Bench, is the Old Vines Restaurant and Wine Bar, a popular all-season destination overlooking scenic Okanagan Lake. Serving delightful food sourced from locally grown ingredients, the restaurant offers visitors an array of mealtime choices, from a leisurely full course dinner to an al fresco bistro lunch.

Those in search of lighter fare can stop by the Wine Bar in summer or – to beat the winter chill - the delightful Fireside Lounge. Quails Gate Winery sponsors an array of special events throughout the year, including an annual Valentine’s Day dinner and the popular “Dinner in the Vineyard,” where wine enthusiasts dine outdoors with the Quails’ Gate family while watching the sun set over Okanagan Lake. Members of the Quails’ Gate Cellar Club, in addition to receiving a quarterly selection of four of the winery’s award winning wines or new releases, also enjoy a number of exclusive members only events throughout the year.

One of the foremost examples of British Columbia's burgeoning agri-tourism industry, Quails' Gate Winery is a must-see for anyone who loves fine food, beautiful scenery, and - most of all - fine wine.

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Discover the natural beauty of the Okanagan Valley - spectacular vistas overlooking 82 miles of Lake Okanagan with over 2000 hours of sunshine.

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