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Okanagan Military Museum

The Okanagan Military Museum is a memorial museum in Kelowna, British Columbia. This community has a rich military history, and their museum reflects that. The museum seeks to honor the contributions of local Okanagans, as well as the sacrifices made by others all over the country.

The Okanagan Military Museum features an array of fascinating artifacts from a wide range of conflicts, from the Boer War and both World Wars to items from the Cold War. The museum also makes a personal connection, with many photographs and medals on display. For those who wish to learn more about what they have seen, the Okanagan Military Museum boasts an impressive collection of over 3000 books, as well as personal documents like letters and diaries.

The museum is run by the non-profit Okanagan Military Museum Society, and they often offer special events at the museum, such as speeches by military historians and conferences about defence. Whether you want to see more of this area's military past, or you are visiting for the historical connection, the Okanagan Military Museum is a must on your to do list.

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