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Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake stretches from Penticton to Vernon in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia Canada. This attraction is located right in the heart of Okanagan Valley. The lake is over 90 mile long and over 800 feet deep. Because it's so deep, it rarely freezes in the winter. There is both an official park and a resort area in Okanagan Lake.

Okanagan Lake Park is unique because it has a lot of beaches and water sports for people to engage in. During the summer months, swimming, water skiing, boating, and tubing are very common sights at Okanagan Lake. There are beautiful landscapes to see all along the lake during any season of the year. There is a concession stand that people can go to in order to get refreshments and food while they are enjoying the park. There are a lot of trees that can be seen in Okanagan Lake Park that are unique and special to the area. There is a lot of animal life to be seen in Okanagan Lake Park as well. They have a variety of different types of squirrels, birds, bats, and aquatic animals, like turtles.

This is a very unique lake and park. If you are in Kelowna, you won't miss seeing the lake, as Downtown Kelowna is right on the lake.

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