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Myra Canyon

Only if you are really lucky will you get a chance to visit a more diverse valley canyon filled with natural beauty. After all, what do you do with miles of burnt out railroad trussels that have been weakened by a great forest fire? You rebuild them, of course. And, that is just what miraculously has happened in Myra Canyon just outside of Kelowna British Columbia.

The majestic splendor may only be appreciated by visiting the magical Myra Canyon provincial park. That's where visitors be able to experience the scope of such a project. Today the park has survived the wild fires of 2003 and been rebuilt to accommodate as many as 50,000 visitors a year.

Located 18 km southeast of Kelowna, British Columbia, the parks trails and tunnels lay within the railroad beds of the historic Kettle Valley Railway. In this grand setting the simple picnic or an advanced hike can easily be found all back dropped by the welcoming view of the Okanagan Valley. A plus to the park is its pet friendly environment as long they remain leashed.

Myra Canyon is accessible and inviting to all who love to explore a rustic edge of nature. It is also a must to be checked off for the hiker and mountain biker in western Canada. Yes, the bold adventure of travel history meets modern day lover of the outdoors in this one of a kind provincial park.

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