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Knox Mountain Hillclimb

Challenge yourself to the ultimate vehicle challenge, cheer on your favorite drive or just take a peaceful drive to the mountains at the Knox Mountain Hillclimb. The Knox Mountain Hillclimb is a winding paved road that spans over two files and climbs to eight hundred feet above sea level and delivers beautiful views of the BC's Southern Interior.

A peaceful winding drive throughout the year The Knox Mountain Hillclimb challenges drivers to navigate the hairpin turns at breakneck speeds. Drivers from around the world test their skill as they try to make it to the top at the fastest possible speeds without making a misstep and taking a turn to wide and falling victim to tight corners that lead to perilous descents. Vehicles in a variety of styles race the mountain one at a time and the fastest driver is crowned king of the hill. Record holders have submitted unbelievably fast times of one minute and thirty seven seconds and any time delivered under two minutes is considered extraordinarily fast and quite an achievement. To reach these incredible speeds, drivers must be navigating the course at excess speeds of one hundred and sixty miles per hour.

The Knox Mountain Hillclimb is a fabulous opportunity to unleash your inner car enthusiast and watch as drivers and their advanced vehicles achieve incredible feats of speed and technology. Enjoy the scenic beauty of mountain scnenery and add a little speed to your next trip to Kelowna, Canada.

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